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Dragon Girl Chibi... thing by water-foxx Dragon Girl Chibi... thing :iconwater-foxx:water-foxx 0 0 Mismagius Gjinka by water-foxx Mismagius Gjinka :iconwater-foxx:water-foxx 1 0 Meryllia and Dark by water-foxx Meryllia and Dark :iconwater-foxx:water-foxx 2 0 Larxene Chibi by water-foxx Larxene Chibi :iconwater-foxx:water-foxx 1 0 Blond Girl - digital version by water-foxx Blond Girl - digital version :iconwater-foxx:water-foxx 0 0 Meryllia and Shadow by water-foxx Meryllia and Shadow :iconwater-foxx:water-foxx 0 0 PMD: Team Nightshade by water-foxx PMD: Team Nightshade :iconwater-foxx:water-foxx 4 2 VicodinFlavoredMints request by water-foxx VicodinFlavoredMints request :iconwater-foxx:water-foxx 2 3 PandaOfTheRedRoses Request by water-foxx PandaOfTheRedRoses Request :iconwater-foxx:water-foxx 0 0 OC - Meryllia by water-foxx OC - Meryllia :iconwater-foxx:water-foxx 1 0
Half-Blood chapt.15
I felt like ten types of shit when I woke up the next day. My eyes felt gritty like sand had been rubbed in them, and my clothes were half-stuck to me with sweat and ash. Alistair still had his arms around me and his face was buried in my tangled hair. I had no idea when I'd fallen asleep, but I didn't want to face the world just yet. I no longer had the numb feeling; I felt raw, as if I'd been dragged through… some kind of machine.
I felt Alistair stir and he shifted slightly, his arm tightening around my waist before he settled again. His wings had come out at some point while we slept, and they were curled around me as well, the feathers soft against my arms. I moved part of a wing out of my face and Alistair groaned. "You awake?" he mumbled, fatigue lacing his voice. I pulled his wing over me like a blanket before rolling onto my other side and tucking my head underneath his chin. "No." My voice was hoarse from the crying and it felt almost as gritty as my eyes. "Righty-o then
:iconwater-foxx:water-foxx 0 0
Half-Blood chap.14
There was nothing left.
No bodies.
My mother was dead and I had a suspicion on whose fault it was.
"There's nothing you can do!"
"Dammit Alistair, let me go! She's in there somewhere!" He was holding me back, his arms wrapped tightly around me while I kicked and beat at him with my fists, but he wasn't letting me go near the wreckage of my house. "Caelya, listen to me!That wasn't a normal explosion; it was augmented with some kind of magic. Nothing will come of you injuring yourself as well!" In any other situation I would have been somewhat swayed by his argument, but in this case… not so much. "Let go of me! I can take care of myself!" I tried to wrench myself away from him again and this time it worked, so I made a mad dash for the burning wood and started pulling beams away, trying to see Marcie was still alive but deep down I knew there was nothing left here, no mother to save… nothing. The fire didn't bother me since I could get rid of it with a wave of my
:iconwater-foxx:water-foxx 0 0
Half-Blood chap. 13
I found Sionn down in the garage, washing his precious motorbike. It had been a payment almost a year ago, when one of our richer clients was especially grateful. He'd bought the bike for Sionn, and bought me a handgun with a holster that strapped to my thigh. I hadn't used it yet – it was my baby – but I kept it with me all the time in case I ever felt the urge to.
Anyway, that's where I found him. He asked every few minutes if I was still feeling okay, and I eventually told him I was going to gag him with the cloth if he asked again; apparently when I threaten people it convinces them that I'm fine, so I resolved to do it more often to ease Sionn's and Alistair's minds. I was sitting on the hood of the car when Sionn said something in demon tongue – I figured it was a curse of some kind judging by his tone – and fished around his pocket, handing me a slip of paper. It had a long number on it that was almost as long as Miramar's and I asked him what the hell it was
:iconwater-foxx:water-foxx 0 0
My kitty cat by water-foxx My kitty cat :iconwater-foxx:water-foxx 1 2
Mature content
Half-Blood chap.12 :iconwater-foxx:water-foxx 0 0
Mature content
Half-Blood chap.11 :iconwater-foxx:water-foxx 0 0


Crown by Xiahism Crown :iconxiahism:Xiahism 560 10
300 point lottery winner!
And the winner is  :iconowl00augen: congratulations! :party::party::party:
man it took a while to get to 1919, i never expected this journal to get over 2000 favs OMG, but thanks to everyone who participated! I see many people like these point lotteries :XD: and sorry for taking 3 days to announce the winner, i was so busy :noes:

Hello everyone, this will be a short journal :D
I am giving away 300 points in this lottery and here's what you have to do to enter:
+fav this journal :D that's it
-winner will be announced in 2 days :la: 

I will use to pick a number from 1 to the number of favs my journal has at the time, and then the winner is the person who's number corresponds (in the fav section of the journal you will notice favs are counted when you click on 'who')
I will be making a series of lotteries to celebrate my art book, which
:iconyuuza:Yuuza 1,628 435
200 points giveaway! (closed)
Left Arrow New 
Hello, I'm holding a 200Points point giveaway for anyone and everyone that wants to participate. It is 100% free for anyone to join in and get the chance to win 200 points! :D
All you have to do to enter is favorite +fav this journal
After you do that you are in the giveaway :)
You don't have to comment on this journal, watch me, or favorite any of my works to be in the giveaway (unless you want to do it, if you do I really appreciate it and thank you!) :D
I will be using to pick the winner
Good luck to everyone and most of all have fun :happybounce: 
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:icontylerreitan:TylerReitan 499 345
Many Faces of Chocolate by anikakinka Many Faces of Chocolate :iconanikakinka:anikakinka 514 6 The Guardian is not Saix's Heartless plzthnx by arjuu-na The Guardian is not Saix's Heartless plzthnx :iconarjuu-na:arjuu-na 6 9 Organization XIII a la Toriyama by arjuu-na Organization XIII a la Toriyama :iconarjuu-na:arjuu-na 24 2
Want me to sketch your character? CLOSED
 Thank you guys for participating! :heart: The amount of people who actually participated  shocked me to no end because I sooo did not expect it and its kind of overwhelming, but don't worry, I will draw all of them! I swear xD
I am suffering from an artist block right now, and for that reason, I can't seem to get good results for my commissions.
Before I draw something for you, please read everything first! ;u;
I will draw fanart or OCs (Original characters) only if they are either :
:bulletgreen: Humans/ Humans with animal ears, tail or wings.
:bulletgreen: Cute rabbits
:bulletgreen: You should have a reference picture, even if they are a well known character (e.g. Naruto,Goku,etc.), no descriptions,please. :)
:bulletgreen: I'll decide how I'll draw the character,mkay? Please do take note that Im drawing the characters in my style :)
:icond-oppelganger:d-oppelganger 436 1,944
CLOSED - Points drawing - 5 winners
Edit: I apologize for the lateness, but here we go. :)
The five selected numbers are - 654, 64, 541, 599, and 100!
Thus the winners are...WitchieCat, bAkiKA, ehmurarld, kumadi, and MOMOryuuta

- - - - - - - - - -
Hello, everyone. :)
I'm looking to get rid of some points. I don't have a use for them, so I figured they could go toward others who do. 655 points divided up between five deviants - that's 131 a piece.
If you would like to take part, all you have to do is fave this journal. If you would like to the points to go to someone other than yourself, please leave a comment. The five numbers will be drawn on Thursday.
Good luck. :ahoy: 
:iconemerald-depths:Emerald-Depths 464 232
Magma Aqua Reminiscing by Ringo-Mikan Magma Aqua Reminiscing :iconringo-mikan:Ringo-Mikan 230 39 Sirilana ref by punkucats Sirilana ref :iconpunkucats:punkucats 6 4 KH3D - The Xehafort - [SPOILERS] by LynxGriffin KH3D - The Xehafort - [SPOILERS] :iconlynxgriffin:LynxGriffin 390 81
Tutorials and techniques 2
It's time to refresh the tutorial journal! Added some new ones and removed those which, after some time, I found a bit misleading.
Below you'll find a list of tutorials I personally think of as the best on dA. If I have any problems with painting something I usually take a look at one of those.
Is there anything you're having troubles with? Need help looking for a good tutorial? Or maybe you'd like to see a video walk-through of me painting something?
I'm open for suggestions for what kind of tutorial/walk-through you'd like to see from me. If you're interested in anything, post your suggestions in the comments!
Poses, composition and perspective

Expressions and emotions

Colour theory, selection and mixing VS light
Blending Tutorial by acidlullaby :thumb146178
:iconvesner:vesner 2,591 130
Game of Thrones: Only Ruins Will Remain by xUshiwakax Game of Thrones: Only Ruins Will Remain :iconxushiwakax:xUshiwakax 5,709 242 Merlin - shirts are banned by Star-Jem Merlin - shirts are banned :iconstar-jem:Star-Jem 578 194
The Black 2 and White 2 Experience..
Warning, spoilers for the games ahead.
Well, I'm on the verge of finishing the general gameplay of White 2, and have helped out my brother through his own general and post gameplay. This games have brought out different emotions in me, from extremely positive to extremely negative. I'll just say this, the original Black and White didn't, they actually brought extremely positive emotions out of me.
I'm going to start of with my initial reaction a few months back. I wasn't amused. While I've grown to really like Black Kyurem, to this day I say the forms are utterly ridiculous looking and their creation brings forth more questions than answers, specially considering the ends left open within the BW-BW2 storyline.
Now I'm just going to divide things between pros and cons...
The Characters: Much like the original Black and White, Black 2 and White 2, in my opinion at least, delivers with an assortment of well fleshed out characters. Hugh is basically a more extreme version of C
:iconhimanuts:himanuts 7 48
Madness by TheGreatestFrog Madness :iconthegreatestfrog:TheGreatestFrog 183 52


water-foxx has started a donation pool!
10 / 700
I want to get enough points for a 3-month premium membership, and some to spare for other stuff should the need arise!

1-4 points: one chibi, no background
5-10 points: two chibis, no background
11-14 points: one chibi w/simple background
15-20 points: two chibis w/ simple background

I'm also willing to negotiate point-prices on some kind of written deviation... thingy... So yeah, the prices would be negotiable on those.

Any higher donations than that can figure something else out with me :)

You must be logged in to donate.


Draconis Lupine by SBGothik Draconis Lupine :iconsbgothik:SBGothik 2,507 95


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Thinking of making a new dA.

Just... kind of bleh about this one now
and feeling in need of a fresh start.

If I do decide to start anew, I'll be sure
to post the new one here so y'all can
follow it if you wish to.


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